The first time I met Casey was at the Wonderful Wedding show. My fiancé and I were this years winners for the dream wedding and we were so lucky to get Casey as our photographer. Upon meeting her, we felt her excitement for us as the reality set in that we would be getting a dream wedding. She is warm, down to earth, personable and relatable. We met up to discuss details about what kind of shots she takes, how our wedding day should play out and how the engagement session is helpful because you begin to feel more comfortable with someone photographing you in an initimate way. I instantly trusted Casey, she has a way about her that makes you feel as though your in good hands, but she doesn’t fake it. She is very knowledgeable and didn’t skip a beat when answering questions. I was so nervous about our engagement session because I heavily dislike having my picture taken. We all have self esteem issues and insecurities but Casey just jumped right in and didn’t really give me time to fuss. When we look through our engagement photos you can flip through and see with each photo we begin to get more comfortable and the personalities and expressions take over, the initial stiffness wears away. Once I saw the photos I was so excited, I truly thought I was going to hate myself in every photo because I’m so picky but she managed to find all the right angles and capture the most genuine moments. Now I absolutely can’t wait for the wedding shots. I know they’re going to be hanging proudly on my walls. Thank you Casey, the universe put you right into our laps and we are so grateful. For all the rest of our significant big life days or special occasions, we know exactly who to call.

Christie & David