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So you're ready to finally build a business you love?

You're in the right place!

If you answered yes to any of these...

 Let me be your coach, your cheerleader
and your new business bestie.

Are you cringing at the thought of putting your face on Social Media?!

Are you racking your brain trying to create a solid workflow?!

Do you suffer from Impostor Syndrome?!

Are you lost trying to stand out in an oversaturated market?!

Are you struggling to find clients? 

Running your own business isn't always what it's cracked up to be.
It can be lonely and competitive when what you 're really looking for is FUN and EXCITING...

This is where I come in

Do you want to grow?

Are you ready to level up and build the photography business of your dreams?!

I'm your girl!

As a firm believer in community over competition, I’m so excited to officially be offering coaching sessions!

In my career shooting hundreds of weddings, I’ve experienced so many victories as well as many failures. I’ve learned from my mistakes and built a business I can be proud of. I’ve also developed a passion for teaching, teaching Industry Studies and Digital Techniques at PrairieView School of Photography. 

I’ve been a student of photography for as long as I can remember and there is nothing like one on one mentorships to help you grow as an artist. I can’t wait to share the knowledge and skills that I’ve amassed and help set you on your way to harnessing your photographic talent!

Online & IN Person Education

Reanna Khan

"In the past year, I have gone from a hobbyist to a full time photographer. Every quarter I continuously hit my financial goals and to this day Casey is still in my corner cheering me on and ready to help when needed."


Holly Dunphy

"I have had the privilege of not only learning from Casey but have had the opportunity working with her as well. Not only is she a fantastic photographer but is also an inspiring entrepreneur with a knack for all forms of photography. Like her photography, her expertise does not stop after the main event. She has a keen eye for post-editing, design and is consistently supportive of everyone she encounters with strong rapport across many industries."


fun twist on an old favourite....
Coming June 11th 2023 @ Wild Skies Resort 
  • 3 couples
  • 2 wedding scenes
  • 1 cozy couples session
  • pizza dinner & bonfire included :)
  • want to extend your stay and book a dome?!                   email

Editorial Shoot - wild skies edition


Hello Wild Skies

In Perons Workshops

August 27th 2023 @ Miss Millies Flower Farm
  • 2 couples
  • 2 wedding scenes (ceremony & table scape)

Editorial Shoot  - miss millies edition

Hello Miss Millies


Over the years my peers and mentors have changed the way I see the world and the light. Through critique and education my mentorship program is designed to not only help you build a portfolio but change the way you shoot and see your business. I want you to walk away being able to implement new techniques seamlessly into your workflow and create a strong and cohesive brand. We’ll start with a discussion of your goals as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Then we dive right in. Whether you choose 3 or 6 hours I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

for the new business owner


for the experienced business owner

6-Hour Coaching


1:1 Coaching
& MEntor Sessions

Once your date is officially reserved, we'll send over a few goodies to help you prepare for the big day. We're happy to serve as a resource for vendor recommendations, timeline guidance and more!

date booked


Sessions can take place anywhere from immediately following a proposal to just a few days before the wedding. We’ve found that there isn’t a “good” or “bad” time to take your photos. 

the session


We check in about two months before the wedding to start chatting about timeline specifics, special details, family formal shot lists, special traditions and anything else we should know about your big day.

wedding prep


It's finally here! The day the two of you say "I Do" and dance the night away surrounded by your family and friends. Just know we're excited to celebrate and capture your wedding day. It's going to be awesome.

the big day


You can expect your photos to be delivered via an online gallery within about three weeks of your wedding. At that time, we'll also send over details about preserving your images through prints and albums. 

they're here!


Chaos to Confidence is a 6 week mentorship program designed to help you level up your photography business and create something authentic you can be proud of. 

Coming October 2023

Coaching program

to confidence

Chaos to Confidence

Online Offerings

Coming soon... 

master class

the 40 hour
wedding day

The 40 Hour Wedding Day

The 40 hour
Wedding day

Paige Moskal

"Lessons with Casey are filled with laughs and a ton of tips to improve your craft. She offers the perfect balance of teacher and friend. There is always room for improvement and she makes sure to teach technically while ensuring that her students were expanding their creativity and experimenting with new techniques. Casey taught me how to see and approach things differently. I was and always will be motivated by her genuine love for what she does."


Christian Tamayo

"Her energy alone will make you want more. She will also make sure you get the most out of her course. To this day, I still ask her about the business side of things and she never leaves me hanging." 


Whether you've been in the business for 5 months or 5 years. I cant wait to see what the future has in sore for you. Lets make it happen!


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