•  keep your clients looking natural and having fun.

• each you how to correct your clients without making them even more awkward.

• banish the dreaded 'Step Brothers' pose

For most people, standing in front of a camera is the LEAST natural thing they will ever do. This comprehensive guide is full of tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my career that will help you and your couples avoid posing mistakes that can truly tank a shoot (and create some super awko-taco photos). This guide will help you:

What's included in this guide?

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Reanna Khan

"In the past year, I have gone from a hobbyist to a full time photographer. Every quarter I continuously hit my financial goals and to this day Casey is still in my corner cheering me on and ready to help when needed".


I'm an internationally published wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Recently, I have been named one of Weddingbells Magazine’s most inspiring photographers. As a mother, mentor, and entrepreneur, I am a firm believer in community over competition. Thusly, I'm honoured to be on the faculty at Willis College and Co-Owner of Wild Hart Workshops teaching aspiring photographers the craft I love.

In my spare time, I'm a self proclaimed adventure enthusiast, lover of all Hallmark Christmas movies, wine snob, and Nutella connoisseur. I am the happiest spending time with my friends and family, (preferably on a vacation somewhere exotic).


I'm Casey